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Hitachi eBworx

Digital Retail Internet Banking (DRIB)

Digital Retail Internet Banking (DRIB)

Online Access to Banking Services

Digital Retail Internet Banking (DRIB) is the next-generation internet banking solution engineered to encourage the bank's customers from using the internet as just an alternative channel to one that completely substitutes traditional banking channels.

Internet banking can be described as a Digital Business. A Digital Business in turn can have various levels of sophistication.

We view this on a scale of 1 to 5:

  • Level 1 : Inform via a simple informational site for the mass market
  • Level 2 : Interact by positioning internet as an alternative channel to promote the self-service banking concept
  • Level 3 : Transact with the availability of the transaction-based services incorporated
  • Level 4 : Relate by means of targeting and segmenting the customers
  • Level 5 : Integrate by providing a full-fledge digital solution focusing on creating customer's experience

DRIB forms a digital ecosystem that enables the bank’s customers to seamlessly transact with other members of the ecosystem that the bank has created. This enables the straight through processing of a myriad of transactions that the bank’s customers need to execute in the course of handling all their financial needs.

Digital Mobile Banker (DMB)

Digital Mobile Banker (DMB)

Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow Banking

Digital Mobile Banker (DMB) provides true banking anywhere, anytime, anyhow with the bank in your pocket.

Mobile Banking is a natural extension to the bank's Internet Banking initiative. Hitachi eBworx Digital Mobile Banker (DMB) offers mobile banking on a web mobile as well as native applications on platforms such as iOS and Android allowing the bank's customer to access account information and perform real time transactions in true 'anywhere', 'anytime' and 'anyhow' convenience.