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Hitachi eBworx

A Career in Hitachi eBworx

Hitachi eBworx is a regional financial solutions specialist, providing a wide array of innovative digital commerce solutions to our financial services clients. This is a place where people share a flair for thinking "out of the box" and a passion for making a difference. Our diverse environment provides the opportunity to attain heights which are both satisfying and dynamic for the individual.

The organisation is divided into specialist groups. These groups come together as a team to deliver high performance banking solutions but work within their groups to hone their skills and competency to higher levels. We regard working as a team highly important while maintaining an environment which cultivates individual creativity, taking into account the individual's career advancement within the organisation.

Core Values

Hitachi eBworx Core Values consists of 6 key elements. These values bind our people together with an emphasis that our people are central to everything being done in the organisation and give the cohesion for our people to conduct business as one.

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    Open Communication

    We are open resulting in better clarify, deeper mutual understanding of the subject and of the parties involved, better mutual respect, better show of talent and a more rewarding work environment.

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    Performance Driven

    Is the implementation of our quality principle.

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    Prepare, not repair quality to our clients means a hassle-free application and to our staff, more time to devote to the advancement of our corporate and personal objectives.

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    Do everything one should do and not anything one should not do, our clients are Financial Institutions. Their customer demand that the Financial Insitutions conduct itself with integrity. Therefore, as Financial Institutions are our clients, we must conduct ourselves with integrity that they can trust.

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    The sum is greater than the individual parts added together. Represented as the beehive metaphor or our Core Values, where bees are well-accepted to be the highest order of teamwork.

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    Continuous Self Improvement

    Continuous learning, self-challenge and strive to excel ensuring we expand our horizon of knowledge in pursuit of greatness.

Culture and Environment

Hitachi eBworx places great emphasis in its people and in this respect, provides the best possible environment for an individual to excel and realise their potential. We believe in rewarding our people for their excellence and are constantly on a look-out for high-achievers to join our team.

At Hitachi eBworx, you will work and share your experiences with like-minded people, achieving your own goals, that of your team, Hitachi eBworx as an organisation and our clients. You will have the opportunity to work with diverse set of people from different cultures, educational background and geographical location. These are people who will challenge your ideas and contribute to your development as an individual.

We emphasise on our people and we reward high performers believing that these individuals will be the organisation's future leaders. We believe in developing top performing individuals to deliver top professional quality. If you are energetic, creative and success-driven, like to be constantly challenged, and also enjoy learning and reinventing yourself, we would like to invite you to join us.